Glasgow Science Festival Creating Engineers

This annual competition is a chance for P5/6 pupils in the West of Scotland to apply their teamwork, construction skills and imagination to various engineering based challenges using K'Nex kits.  Pupils work in pairs and compete at various levels to become the West of Scotland champions. Engaging with over 12,000 pupils and 350 schools per annum.

GSF 2022: Glasgow's Making Waves Car Challenge 

COVID restrictions mean we havent been able to run the competition this year so instead, we invite you to take part in our classroom challenge! 

The theme for GSF22 is Glasgow’s Making Waves. When it comes to engineering, Dorothée Pullinger certainly made waves! In 1918, she and her father designed the Galloway car; a lightweight low-cost car aimed specifically at the new market of women drivers. Many of whom learned to drive during the war.

The Morris Mini, famous in the 1960s was designed in response to a global fuel shortage. The Honda Insight was a leader in hybrid technology as car manufacturers began to respond to environmental challenges (download the GSF 2022 Glasgow's Making WAves Challenge pack for more info on these vehicles).

We want you to:
- Identify a challenge that car manufacturers might be or are currently facing 
- Design or adapt a car to respond to that challenge 

Download our GSF2022 Creating Engineers Challenge Pack for all the info.

GSF2022 Glasgow's Making Waves Creating Engineers Challenge

Share your designs with us on GSF social media and tag us using #GSFCreatingEngineers and #ScienceOnTheSofa

Schools only: Until 30th June 2022

- All schools who take part and register with us will receive a classroom challenge certificate
- Schools in the competition catchment area can register with us to receive the classroom certificate and pin badges for the pupils. Full details are provided in the challenge info pack