Student Showcase Series: Tuesday Performances

Student Showcase Series: Tuesday Performances

Music in the University
Date: Tuesday 23 April 2024
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Venue: University Concert Hall & University Memorial Chapel
Category: Concerts and music

Document: Student Concerts Brochure 2024

Join us for a 4 day presentation of all that takes place on the Performance course, with 25 concerts across a startling variety of instruments and styles. Please see our time table below for information about our Tuesday 23 April performances.

For more information on each performance and the full program for all 4 days, please check out our brochure.

Event Time Venue Performers
10.30am Memorial Chapel Jonathan Smith (organ)
11.45am Concert Hall Andrew Mckay (piano)
12.30pm Memorial Chapel Laurie Pitt (percussion, organ and electronics) with Calum Scott (sound)
2.00pm Memorial Chapel Jeanne Laborde (voice) with Jonathan Smith (organ) and Michal Gajzler (piano)
3.10pm Memorial Chapel Elizabeth Gounari (voice, piano and guitars) with Will Mongomerie (guitars), Anton Pisarkiy (oud), Iris Lam (soprano), Jeanne Laborde (alto), Angus Gibson (tenor), Adam Chapple (bass) and Calum Scott (sound)
4.20pm Concert Hall Mel Ktora (saxophone) with Anton Pisarsky (oud), Matthew Brown (piano), Hans Wilkes (drums) and Jacob Pantin (trumpet)

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