The 15th PEGASUS Student Conference will be hosted by the Aerospace Sciences Division at the University of Glasgow.

The venue for the meeting will be the James Watt South Building at the Gilmorehill campus.

See the map below or click here to view it on Google Maps. 


Local dining

The campus map can be donwloaded here: Campus Map - PEGASUS.

The cafeteria where lunch will be provided is labeled as "One A The Square". 

Ther are a range of bars / restaurants avaible in close proximity to the university. These can be found on Byres Road, Ashton Lane, Gibson Street, and Bank Street. These are all highlighed on the map.


Visiting Glasgow

If you are planning to explore Scotland as part of your visit to Glasgow, you may wish to use some e-brochures provided by the Visit Scotland team. 

Visit www.visitscotland.com/e-brochures for comprehensive information which can assist with your planning.