Medical research: precision medicine

Treatment and prevention

Precision Medicine an area of substantial focus within the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (MVLS).

The new Campus Development plans aim to bring together under one roof its 2 main areas of research: Chronic Diseases and The Institute of Health and Wellbeing. Under the title of Precision Medicine the College will focus on tackling the rising tide of chronic diseases through basic and clinical research and, at the same time, improve prevention of medical conditions through public health interventions.

Developments in treatment can only improve population health when translated into changes in individual, professional and organisational behaviour. New research will focus on ways of bringing about these changes.

Chronic disease is having a crippling effect on the Scottish population, economy and inequality in health. Through the quality and relevance of our research in Glasgow, it is our ambition that the impact of this work will have repercussions and impact globally.

Research will focus on the areas of cancer, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Combined with prevention research, this dual approach allows us to tackle both treatment and prevention, allowing us to approach this major health issue from both sides of the scale or continuum.

Medical Research