Exercise is known to have many physical health benefits, such as a lower risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. It can keep us feeling fit and strong, making us more enduring and resilient to physical strain.


Importantly however, exercise is also really great for our mental wellbeing. Even brisk walking and moderate workouts can lower our stress levels as well as help soothe anxiety and depression. The endorphins (happy hormones) that are released during exercise can leave you feeling fresh and ready to tackle the many pressures that we are confronted with at university and beyond. Clearing our mind by taking care of our body is a great way of increasing our general wellbeing.


There are many ways to enjoy exercise at university. The Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA) and the general sports facilities provided by the university are both helpful resources in finding a form of exercise that is right for you! The staff at the Stevenson building are super friendly and can help you make sense of the wide variety of options you have.


Steps for support

  • Start with shorter sessions (10 to 15 minutes) and gradually build up to 20 to 40 minutes. Do this three or more times a week and you will quickly start feeling the benefits. This can include anything from brisk walking and swimming to using weights and joining sports classes.
  • Don’t forget to stretch every now and then (2 or 3 times a week) to keep the muscles from being too tight. Yoga is an awesome way of doing this!
  • Head to the Stevenson building to speak to one of the helpful staff. Ask them about sports available to you.
  • Visit the GUSA webpage to explore all the options available to you as a student at UofG. You’d be surprised as to how many different team and individual sports there are to take part in.
  • Go for a walk or a run! We are lucky enough to have Kelvingrove park just next to campus. Even a short walk or run through the park can leave us feeling less stressed.


Useful resources

  • Visit the UofG Sports site to find out everything you need to know about sport at Glasgow.
  •  Betterhealth provides a list of 10 tips to exercise safely.
  • The NHS Exercise page offers a large and comprehensive guide to everything there is to know about exercising.
  • WebMD has an excellent article on ‘How to get fit at home’.



Self help apps

  • Yogaia: Yoga and Mindfulness is a great way to learn about Yoga and mindful stretching. This can be a really great way to improve your general wellbeing.
  • Keep – Home Workout Trainer is an app designed to provide guided workouts of many types. It relies on audio coaching so you can concentrate on your exercises while listening to the programs.


Contact information

Internal UofG services


Stevenson Building

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University of Glasgow

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+44 (0) 141 330 4540


Garscube Sports Complex

West of Scotland Science Park

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Glasgow, G20 0SP

+44 (0) 141 330 5363


The Students’ Representative Council – Advice Centre

John McIntyre Building, University Avenue Glasgow G12 8QQ

Tel: 0141 330 5360

Email: advice@src.gla.ac.uk