Being a mature student

A mature student is someone who is over the age of 21 and has not been in full time education for more than 3 years. Most mature students will have completed a form of access programme to gain entry into university.


Financial support

Mature students are often parents or carers which can impact their life at university both socially and financially. Often, they will have to give up a guaranteed income from a previous job to pursue their degree.


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Academic support

The University has various ways of providing academic support for all students. For example:

  • If you feel you may need to use a good cause, contact your adviser of studies in the first instance
  • If a school holiday or in-service day falls on a day you have classes and lectures and are unable to get childcare, ask your lecturer or tutor if you can bring your child in.  Most lecturers and tutors will be fine with this arrangement if you ask them in advance
  • If you are a carer and are unable to attend university at short notice inform the lecturer or tutor to make them aware of the reason
  • Some of the schools within the University have their own peer to peer support service. Check your own moodle page or contact your course administrator to see if this available to you.


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Emotional support

Mature students will often need more than just academic and financial they may need emotional support throughout their time at university.  This could be due to the struggles of juggling a family, a carers role, a partner and possibly employment as well as studying.


Useful resources


Tips for being a mature student

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help with your studying, lecturers and tutors are there to help
  • If you feel your essay or exam writing could be better attend one of LEADS workshops or make a one to one appointment
  • Make sure you apply for the financial help available to you
  • If you can’t join a club or the Mature Student Association because of commitments don’t stress about it but try to find some way of connecting with your peers you might find someone in the same situation as you who can provide you with support and vice versa