The MA (Social Sciences) (Ordinary) degree is a 3-year General degree (i.e. it is NOT an Honours degree - Early Exit Award Only).

You can graduate with an MA (Social Sciences) (Ordinary) degree if you have:

 Completed 360 credits, with a GPA of at least 9. 

 Within these 360 credits:

 (a) at least 120 must be at level 2 or higher, and

 (b) at least 280 must be at grade D or better, including at least 60 credits of level 3 courses in Social Sciences subjects or level 3 courses in Arts or Sciences subjects

 (c) a minimum graduating curriculum may not include more than 120 credits derived from courses outwith Group A (Social Sciences) core courses

For further information about what you may need to graduate or whether you may be eligible to graduate with an MA (Social Sciences) (Ordinary) degree please consult the Advising & Student Support Team for the MA (Social Sciences) - email:

The final calculation of the award for the Ordinary Degree is ratified by the Chief Adviser of Studies for the MA (Social Sciences) and team.