If you have been away from studies at the University and you wish to be readmitted to the MA (Social Sciences) degree programme then you must complete and return the MA (Social Sciences) Readmission Form.

Forms should be returned to the Office of the Chief Adviser for the MA (Social Sciences) by email: 

If you withdrew from your studies on medical grounds you will also be required to provide evidence that you are now fit to return to study by either by submitting a doctor's letter or other appropriate supporting evidence.  

Important information to note: 

  1. Readmission to study on the MA (Social Scienes) is not an automatic right and is permitted only if the MA (Social Sciences) Readmission Committee approves your application to continue (or return to) your studies.
  2. If you have been away from studies at the University for three years or more then readmission will not be permitted.
  3. You will not be considered for readmission if you have been discontinued from studies by the MA (Social Sciences) Progress Committee.