MA (Social Sciences) Guide for Students

MA (Social Sciences) Guide for Students

Welcome to the MA (Social Sciences) degree programme in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow. 

During Registration and Enrolment you should contact the MA (Social Sciences) Advising Team with questions about subject choices and availability. Check your student email for up to date information being sent to all new and continuing students. 

Information about everything you may need to know as a new student (or a continuing student) studying on the MA (Social Sciences) degree is available in our MA (Social Sciences) Guide for Students.

  • The Guide also provides information about University procedures and regulations, as well as where to get advice if you need it. 
  • For specific information about enrolling in courses, please see information for all your subjects, as instructions may vary.

Enrol in MyCampus, using "add by requirements" - this will ensure that you have a graduating curriculum. The MA (Social Sciences) Curriculum Guidance and Support Team check all records for 1st and 2nd year students, so watch out for emails from them in your student email account. 

  • Adam Smith Business School  (Subjects: Business & Management, Economics)
  • Geography or Psychology (based in College of Science & Engineering)