UG and PGT Application Process Summary

The School Ethics Forum (SEF) in each School in this College considers undergraduate and postgraduate (MA/MSc) taught student ethics applications. Students should apply to the relevant School Ethics Forum.

Ethics Application forms and Supporting Document Templates can be downloaded from the College ethics website Ethics Forms: UG and PGT.  The Plain Language Statement and Privacy Notice are mandatory and the Consent Form is almost always required. Interview questions or questionnaires must also be provided for reviewers. An electronic copy of all supporting documents should be submitted along with the ethics application form.

All Applications:

  • Ethical Risks section must be completed, signed and dated by supervisor indicating if it is a low or high risk application.
  • The applicant and supervisor must sign and date the Declaration at the end of the Ethics Application Form.

The application will not be processed if these two sections are incomplete.

  1. The application should be sent to the ethics administrator by email by the supervisor along with the supporting documents.  (only School of Law allows direct student submission)
    • Note: The School of Education uses the Research Ethics Online System for applications. Education UG and PGT applicants should select the School of Education Ethics Committee from the drop down menu when uploading their application. See information on PGR/staff applications for online system guidance.
  2. The application will be allocated to the reviewer(s) and sent for review via email. An email confirming this will be sent to the student and supervisor.  There may be one or two reviewers depending on the School and whether it is considered a low or high risk application.
  3. If changes are required the application will be returned by email. Any changes made on the application form or supporting documents should be highlighted or put into red coloured text to assist the reviewers in confirming the changes. Remember to remove the highlighting before issuing any documents to your participants!


1.  Approved - possibly with permissions required
2.  Approved subject to amendments - to satisfaction of School Ethics Forum
3.  Major Changes required - to be submitted to School Ethics Forum
4.  Minor changes required - to be submitted to School Ethics Forum
5.  Not Approved - full resubmission to School Ethics Forum required

Request for amendments to an approved application

  • Applicants should complete the Request for Amendments form, available on Ethics Forms: UG and PGT and submit it with any supporting documentation to the relevant School ethics email inbox.
  • Where required/possible this is forwarded to the original lead reviewer and they are given 10 working days to complete the review.
  • The applicant is informed of the outcome by email and a copy of the reviewer feedback and / or approval is attached.