With Flip (formerly 'Flipgrid'), a lecturer can post a short video asking students to introduce themselves, or answer discussion question, or share examples of work. Short explanations and links to documents can also be included. 

Students use their phones or computers to post video answers. They can also use it to share content and for peer learning activities. 

After you have signed in, you create a group (e.g. corresponding to your course), and share this with your student. Topics (i.e. specific discussions) are created within the Group, and can remain hidden until you want students to participate in them.  

Sign into Flip with your UoG Office 365 account: click here and then on Continue with Microsoft

Flip support for educators

Flip support for students

Creating a Group

Flipgrid Groups usually correspond to a course (e.g. Introduction to Sociology), and within the group Topics are used to post videos and get responses. 

You will have to give the Group a name, and specify that the students must login with their @glasgow.ac.uk email account. 

Create a group or topic. (Opens in a new tab.)

Creating a Topic

Flipgrid Topics can be created within a Group, or as standalone discussions.  

Create a group or topic. (Opens in a new tab.)

Sharing a Topic or Group

When you are ready, you can share the Group or Topic by using a join code or link, a QR code or even embed it into your Moodle page

Click here for general instructions on how to embed content in a Moodle Label or Page.