The future of social sciences research at Glasgow University

The outcomes from REF 2021 are valuable to the College of Social Sciences, not only to consider the past impact of our work but also to inform the future of our research. 

Staff are now taking some time to absorb the details of the results, and reflect on the learnings derived from participating in REF. The reflections will help to inform how we move forward and develop future research projects. 

Professor Melanie Simms, Dean of Research at the College of Social Sciences, said:

"It’s really important to consider the REF not as a one-off snapshot, but as an opportunity to continuously reflect on our research, outputs and the wider impact of the work we do. So our next task is to interrogate the data more fully and reflect on what we have learnt from this process."

The College vision, as articulated in our Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy 2020-2024, is to carry out world-class social science research that delivers positive impacts on societies and economies. We want to make Glasgow the best university in which to develop a research career in the social sciences; this means a university with a collegiate, collaborative, research environment; excellent support for research income generation; and innovative approaches to engagement with external partners. 

We have created five interdisciplinary research themes within the College. These provide the structure for our staff to develop innovative cross-cutting research that responds to the world’s most pressing problems.  

To take that forward, we will continue to work to the aims of the College Research Strategy. 

Professor Simms said:

"We will continue to work to the aims of the College Research Strategy and we are now starting the process of renewing the Strategy in collaboration with staff, partners and funders to take us beyond 2024. That will help prepare the College not only for the next REF but ensure that we are continuing to make meaningful contributions to the global challenges of this decade."

 Learn more about the College of Social Sciences interdisciplinary research themes: