Adam Smith tercentenary

2023 is the tercentenary of the birth of Adam Smith. A key pillar of the Scottish Enlightenment, his ideas have had huge influence in economics, law, philosophy and the arts.  

Smith was a student, professor and rector of the University of Glasgow. Throughout the year, the University of Glasgow will be running a series of events and activities to spark a renewed conversation about his world-changing ideas and their relevance for the problems of the 21st century.  

We are very grateful for the support of the John Templeton Foundation for this project.  

To kick start our Spotlight podcast for 2023, we have brought together some diverse academics at Glasgow – covering a range of disciplines – to chat about Adam Smith and his contribution.  In the Chair is Craig Smith, who is the Adam Smith Senior Lecturer in the Scottish Enlightenment.  

Craig is joined by Glen Pettigrove, Professor of Moral Philosophy; Sayantan Goshal, the Adam Smith Professor of Political Economy; Dr Tanya Wilson, Lecturer in Economics; Dr Maha Rafi Atal, Lecturer in Global Economy; and Bob McMaster, Professor of Political Economy.



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