Transforming Healthcare

The Living Laboratory will test and develop a range of healthcare innovations to realise the benefits of precision medicine in disease diagnosis, care and treatment. The delivery of current and future projects across fields such as genomics, medical imaging and artificial intelligence will drive the development of multiple healthcare innovations and pave the way for the wider adoption of precision medicine innovations into routine clinical practice.

What is precision medicine?

Precision Medicine is a new generation of healthcare delivery which signifies a movement away from a one-size-fits-all approach to medical care, tailoring medical diagnosis and treatment to the individual characteristics of patients. Through the development of cutting-edge tools and innovations such as medical imaging, genomics and artificial intelligence, precision medicine can be used to help treat people quickly and more successfully whilst avoiding unnecessary side effects from treatments that may not be effective.

The unique, collaborative environment created across the precision medicine cluster and its proximity to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital allows for academic research to feed directly into the innovation development process and enables the testing of healthcare innovations in a clinical setting. This ensures all innovations have a real and obvious benefit to patient healthcare and can be easily and quickly adopted from the lab to the NHS.

Delivering precision medicine innovations that can be adopted into clinical settings will drive the development of individualised patient care plans and direct appropriate treatments to improve overall patient care, create a healthier population and ultimately, deliver significant cost savings for the NHS.

Patients and the community will benefit from:

  • The development and implementation of safer and more effective personalised care plans
  • The adoption of new technologies and innovations into routine clinical practice to provide earlier diagnosis than previously possible, leading to better patient outcomes
  • Increased information and awareness of research transforming healthcare

 Clinicians will benefit from:

  • The opportunity to treat patients more specifically, delivering better healthcare outcomes and directly benefiting patients
  • Opportunities to co-develop and direct research into clinical innovations
  • Access to new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and innovations

Researchers will benefit from:

  • The opportunity to co-develop innovations, shaping their applicability for real world clinical settings
  • Opportunity to utilise direct routes to implement world-leading research into innovations for the commercial market, understanding the real-world impact of research

4 graphical images representing the healthcare benefits of the Living Laboratory