‌Precision Medicine Innovation in Scotland: Accelerating ‌Productivity Growth for Scotland and the UK

A Science and Innovation Audit Report sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Science & Innovation Audit Report in Precision Medicine graphic

Science and Innovation Audit (SIA)

In autumn 2015, the UK Government announced regional Science and Innovation Audits (SIAs) to catalyse a new approach to regional economic development. SIAs enable local consortia to focus on analysing regional strengths and identify mechanisms to realise their potential. In Scotland, a consortium was formed in 2017 to focus on our strengths in Precision Medicine. This report presents the results which includes a broad-ranging analysis of Scotland’s capabilities, the challenges and the substantial opportunities for future economic growth.

The report demonstrates that the further development and adoption of Precision Medicine could potentially be transformative for the Scottish and UK life science clusters, developing expertise and know-how that can be exported around the world through new technologies, products, services and behaviours. Indeed, one of the key drivers for the audit has been the recognition across consortium members that Scotland is extremely well positioned to unlock the exciting and substantial productivity growth opportunities associated with Precision Medicine.

Key messages

  • Scotland has the academic and clinical excellence, business expertise and supporting ecosystem to support the development and implementation of Precision Medicine.
  • In recent years, Scotland has built strong foundations and invested heavily in its Ecosystem for Precision Medicine.
  • The University of Glasgow brought together a high calibre consortium of public and private partners from across Scotland and international experts to produce a Science and Innovation Audit focused on the opportunities of Precision Medicine in Scotland.
  • Partners are committed to helping Scotland become a global centre of excellence for the implementation of Precision Medicine over the next 10 years.

The growth and development of Scotland – and indeed the wider UK’s – Precision Medicine ecosystem and associated digital and life science clusters, is only one of many economic benefits. Implementation of Precision Medicine will help our NHS to generate significant savings at a time when it is struggling to meet increasing demand from an ageing population. Analysis shows that Precision Medicine generated innovations could help deliver billions of pounds of healthcare cost savings. Furthermore, more effective targeted treatments and better prevention of disease will create a healthier and more productive UK workforce.