Fundamental 7T neuroimaging research

Theme 1: Information processing in the brain circuits that realise perception, prediction, memory, cognition control and decision making

Using measurement technologies that span multiple levels of brain activity to study cortical networks, computational principles, and microcircuits for cognition.

Clinical 7T neuroimaging research

Theme 2: Neurobiology of response to disease mechanism and injury

A niche programme of interdisciplinary, translational research focussed on the neurobiological mechanisms of behavioural phenotypes such as depression, fatigue and chronic pain resulting from injury to the nervous system and inflammation.

MR Physics and RF Coil Engineering

Theme 3: Development of coils and parallel transmit imaging capabilities

Development of novel RF coils and parallel-transmit (pTx) technology is essential to fully exploit the capabilities of ultra-high field 7T MRI.

Extending 7T imaging diagnostics

Theme 4: Extending capability of diagnostics across the human body

Extending imaging diagnostics allowing for NHS applications, industrial collaborations, and with potential for developing impact cases. Clinical research across imaging techniques including clinical radiology, cardiovascular, tumour and stroke imaging.