Writing Your Thesis, MVLS Graduate School

Writing-up Your Thesis

Research students enter their writing-up or 'thesis pending' period of study after their funding has ceased. 

Thesis pending status means that you are permitted a further year (or longer if you are a part-time researcher) to complete your thesis, during which time you continue to have access to the library and, in some cases, limited support from your supervisors.

Speak to your supervisor about entering 'thesis pending' and contact the graduate school if you have any further questions. 

Not sure how to format your thesis? Follow the steps below....

Documenting the Impact of COVID-19 in Research Theses

The University has taken measures to help you mitigate the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic may have had on your research and final thesis. Please read and follow the guidance outlined in the PGR Code of Practice on documenting the Impact of COVID-19 in research theses.

You should continue to keep a record of the impact of the pandemic and any related disruptions on the design and conduct of your research. Ensure that you discuss this with your supervisors and that you include this information in your annual progress review (APR). You and your supervisors can then work on adapting and redesigning any aspects of your project as necessary. These adaptations can be documented as part of your thesis in the research design, methodology, or other appropriate section of the thesis.

Formatting Your Thesis

Refer to Appendices 4-6 of the Postgraduate Research Student Handbook (PDF)‌. You will find information on formatting, length, content, printing, etc.

When planning your thesis pending period remember to incorporate time for:

  • Checking formatting of your thesis
  • Converting your thesis to PDF
  • Printing for proof-reading, etc. 


Word Count Form

Word count form

You must complete a Word count form (MS Word)‌. This form is also available from MVLS Graduate School Office

There is a max word limit of:

  • 80,000 for PhD, MD and DDS
  • 50,000 for MSc (R) and MVM

There is no minimum word count.

Word count excludes references, bibliography, table of contents and appendices.