Who Will You Become?

UofG Arts students Ally and Nicholas met with some Arts alumni this summer to find out what surprising places their Glasgow degree has taken them to.

From setting up their own business, to researching the next big energy technologies, our alumni have used their transferable skills to take them down some unexpected career paths in amazing places.

Undergraduate Arts & Humanities degrees

Sian: Bauer Media

A love of writing and creativity landed Sian a job working in communications for one of the UK's biggest media companies.

Gavin: Drax Group

French and History graduate Gavin uses his analytical skills to help predict the future for the energy industry.

Helen: Entrepreneur

Helen used the skills she gained in writing, marketing and design through her English Literature/English Language degree to launch her own distillery company from her family farm in Pitlochry.

Rosie: European Commission

Rosie's passion for studying and living abroad combined with her degree in languages made her the perfect fit for the European Commission in Brussels.