How an Arts Degree Works

An Arts degree at the University of Glasgow gives you the opportunity to explore multiple subject areas before specialising. The University of Glasgow offers Arts degrees in the areas listed below. Although Modern Languages are part of the College of Arts at the University, these subjects follow a separate structure incorporating a year abroad.

College of Arts



Digital Media Greek Philosophy

Celtic Civilisation (joint hons only)

English Literature History Scottish History

Celtic Studies

English Language History of Art Scottish Literature


Film & TV Latin Theatre Studies

Comparative Literature

Gaelic Music Theology 

Creative Arts and Industries



Modern Languages


Chinese/ Mandarin
(please note this cannot be taken to Honours level)






Hispanic Studies


All of our Arts degrees are studied as a 4 year Master of Arts Honours degree (or MA) with the exception of language degrees which are 5 years including a year abroad. Although it is called a Master of Arts, it is the equivalent of an undergraduate bachelor’s degree. In Year 1, all Arts students will study three subjects, with equal weighting given to each subject. 

Similarly, students complete three subjects in Year 2. These can be the same three subjects as Year 1, but most students will choose to study one new subject in Year 2.

Click on the accordians below to explore examples of how this works. For further information on the Arts degree structure at the University of Glasgow, please visit our page on Choosing Your Degree.

Here are some examples of how a degree in the College of Arts can work:-

Examples of degrees