Arts Lab is the home of a pilot project to stimulate collaborative research. Our aim is to encourage a creativity that reaches beyond the College of Arts & Humanities.

We are developing an integrated approach to research collaboration. The arts and humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, engineering, medical, veterinary, and life sciences are all involved.

Integrated collaboration sees more than one discipline applying their own methods to the same problem. (This is different from one discipline commissioning work from another, or more than one discipline working side by side on different questions.) The intellectual working space is open. Tools are shared. People are thinking together and asking questions they would not otherwise have thought of.

Support for researchers

We are supporting researchers in at least three ways.

  • Research connections: Designing and hosting events and exploratory conversations to seek common ground between researchers in different disciplines.
  • Curated conversations: Setting up and guiding discussions in the direction of collaborative research pathways towards future projects.
  • Facilitated conversations and other activities: Developing teams and research questions. These more established pathways are focused on specific projects.

Once a stable group of participants emerges, we encourage, enable, and support the process of preparing for a specific project or a range of funding opportunities.

We have work going on, for example, between modern languages and psychology; philosophy, cancer sciences, and computing science; urban studies, history, religious studies, and engineering; religious studies and psychology.


Please contact John Reuben Davies (, Associate Director of Arts Lab. John is available to help you with any research activity that moves beyond the College of Arts & Humanities.