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Welcome to the 7th edition of Reach, the College of Arts Industry engagement newsletter. Its publication comes shortly after the College’s successful second
Industry Day which was held on 5th June 2015 with over 230 registered participants from the University and the private, public and third sectors.

Prof Roibeard o Maolalaigh

Sùil air

Cultural Education
Foghlam Cultarail


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Curators of Cultural Enterprise

In the UK, the creative industries have been on governments’ agendas for 20 years. Agencies have sprung up to make creative workers more businesslike
but we really know very little about them.

The World's First Comic

Next year, visitors to The Hunterian will be able to see the world’s first comic, and the world’s second comic too. The world’s second comic, by Swiss author Rodolphe Tôpffer, was produced in the 1830s.

Making Fantasy a Reality

“It’s the literature of the impossible”, says Dr Rob Maslen, describing fantasy fiction. With science fiction, the events of the story could be explained in terms that relate to science in the real world.

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Dress & Textiles
Aodach & Obair-aodaich

Film & Broadcasting
Fiolm & Craoladh


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Colouring the Past

We often think of history in black and white – even the textiles that survive have lost their original shades. But how would our understanding of the past change if we could see it in colour?

Making Science Human

‘Flowers and Floorboards’ is the latest research-led film project by filmmaker and academic Dr Holger Mohaupt. Dr Mohaupt, convenor of the new MSc in Filmmaking and Media Arts.....

Landscape Management and the Ecomuseum

Ecomuseums are museums without walls; they are a landscape. They can exist in rural or urban areas, but they have to tell a remarkable story about the community in that area.

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Performing Arts
Na h-Ealain Taisbeanail

Visual Arts
Na h-Ealain Léirsinneach

Writing & Publishing
Sgrìobhadh agus Foillseachadhl

The Wildness of Performance

For many academics, their ideas develop in academic research and their ‘impact’ on the outside world comes later. But Sarah Hopfinger takes a different approach.....

Conserving Conpemporary Art

The conservation of contemporary art, its challenges and complications, is a rapidly growing research field.
Dr Erma Hermens, head of the Technical Art History Group........

Scots in Translation

“There is no standard spelling for hoose,” says Dr Susan Rennie, and as someone who has worked with dictionaries for many years, she should know.

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Exclusive Opportunities for Students with the Internship Hub

The Internship Hub, formerly Club 21, is based within the Careers Service and is an innovative source of internship opportunities for current students. Many of these opportunities are exclusive to University of Glasgow, where the Internship Hub works closely with SMEs.....


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