What can I expect if I decide to participate in the Catalyst?


Academic partners: networking, partnership and project development; new avenues for research; interdisciplinary collaboration; Knowledge Exchange and Impact; funding application support; professional development.  

Sectoral partners: increased capacity and capability to explore sectoral challenges and opportunities; connect with researchers and HEI staff; network and collaborate with sectoral colleagues; project development and support; access to research and funding opportunities. 


You have been invited to participate because of your knowledge, experience and expertise in this area. The contribution of your unique set of skills is needed to address sectoral challenges, create partnership opportunities, and establish new and exploratory ways of thinking.   


Sign-up to and create Padlet profile; attend four sessions; contribute to discussion; contribute to, read, and reflect on reports; liaise between your organisation and Catalyst; provide continuity of organisational representation; input on project development. 

Code of Conduct: 

Respect and inclusivity; take time to listen and process; assume good intent; be mindful of the impact of what we say; engage collaboratively not competitively; consider everything in confidence. 


A) Getting-to-know-you and co-design of challenges 

B) Innovation mapping 

C) Ecosystems 

D) Project development 


A) Network established and sectoral challenges identified 

B) Solutions to challenges explored 

C) Objectives agreed that will deliver solutions 

D) Suite of project ideas developed