Activities and Points




What is a GlasGOw Global Award? 


A recognition of your involvement in international activities adding value to your time at the University of Glasgow as an undergraduate student, noted on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record). Each international activity earns you a number of points. Adding up these points, you may get a Bronze (75+ points), Silver (150+ points), or Gold (200+ points) Award. This is noted on your HEAR as a formal recognition of your achievement.  

What is it useful for?  

Apart from the satisfaction of recognising your achievement, as proof of your involvement in international activities it could be very useful after your graduation, for example if you apply for a postgraduate degree or job with some kind of global or international dimension.  

Who is it for? 

Final year undergraduate students at the College of Arts & Humanities who have been involved in a wide range of international activities throughout their years of study. By final year we mean 4th year for all MA degrees, except Modern Languages degrees, in which case it would 5th year. If you are a CoA student graduating in the Summer 2023, you can apply for the Award now.  

What kind of international activities count towards a GlasGOw Global Award? 

A wide range of activities, academic, practical, voluntary, social, cultural with international or global dimensions. Some examples:  

  • language courses* 
  • study or work for a term of full year abroad 
  • involvement in international societies or events 
  • mentoring international students 
  • voluntary work with international projects.  

You can see a full list of activities on the [GlasGOw Global webpage link]. If you can’t find yours there (and it cannot fit with any of the listed activities in a wider sense), then contact us at to discuss.  

*Language courses: please note that you can only get points for a language course if it is not the main focus of your degree. For example, if your programme is French and Spanish Joint Honours MA, you will not receive any points for French or Spanish, but you will get points for any other language you have taken during your study, whether for credit or not.  


Do I need to apply for a GlasGOw Global Award 

Yes, you need to submit an application form and supporting evidence to the CoA Student Mobility Team at . See details at [webpage link]. 


I am a student in a Joint Honours programme with the College of Social Sciences, can I still apply? 

The College of Social Sciences run their own GlasGOw Global Awards scheme awarding exactly the same points for the same or similar activities, so it is up to you to decide if you should apply to them or to us – but you should only apply to one or the other.  

What kind of evidence do I need to submit with my application? 

Anything that can prove you have been involved in an international activity, such as: transcripts, certificates, learning plans or agreements from a host institution, emails, travel arrangements etc. If in doubt, get in touch! ( 

I don’t have any supporting evidence; can I still apply? 

We will not assess any applications that are not supported by evidence. If you only have evidence for some but not for all of your activities, make sure that you can achieve at least 75 points on the strength of your existing proof before you apply.  

Can I submit my supporting evidence after I have submitted my application? 

You should submit all the documents at the same time. However, it may be acceptable under very specific circumstances (e.g. you are doing a language course that will be graded after the deadline). Contact us to discuss your situation.  

How many points do I get for each activity? 

The points vary according to the sort of activity, its venue, duration etc. You can see the points for each activity as you fill in the [application form link].  You will roughly know how many points you have earned upon completion of the form, but please note that we reserve the right to do checks and make adjustments to your score. For example: for activities that are marked Per Event, we may have to add more points if you have done more than one event (don’t forget we need proof for all); we may also detract points from an activity, if we don’t have sufficient proof.  


When will I know if I am getting an Award? 

For details on application timelines, see [webpage]. Please note that you will get a provisional notification of your Award within a month of your application, but you will only receive final confirmation after the Exam Boards in June [2023]. 

I haven’t done all the activities listed in the application form, is this a problem? 

No, it is not. No one is expected to have accomplished them all! But please make sure that you have done enough to earn you a minimum of 75 points before you submit an application – check also that you have sufficient proof for them.  

I have done some of the activities on the application form more than once, what do I do? 

Just add the requested information on the form (i.e. date – time – summary) and supporting evidence for every such activity, and we will adjust your points accordingly.  

I have engaged in international activity that is not listed in the form, what do I do? 

First check the Activities and Points list to see whether your activity might be similar to any mentioned there, so you could add it under that one and explain in the summary of activity. But if you absolutely cannot find any to tag it to, then contact us to discuss.  

Can I change my application after I’ve submitted it? 

No, we will not accept a second application, so please make sure you have completed it to your satisfaction before submitting.  

Will I get a physical award? 

Yes, you will: a) a College of Arts & Humanities GlasGOw Global Award – Gold/Silver/Bronze code mention on your HEAR, and b) a certificate from the CoA Student Mobility Team (PDF document by email), which you could print out and frame, if you wish.