College of Arts Postgraduate Conference 2022: Voice

Deadline for abstracts: 14 March 2022, 12:00 UTC

Conference dates: 9-10 June 2022

Call for Proposals

Voice is a powerful tool for expression, used both literally and figuratively through history to disseminate knowledge, maintain dominant narratives, protest and disrupt systems of control, and share the myths and legends that sustain our communities. As a compelling political tool, voice helps us to engage with our rights or the power to take part in global conversations around politics and social issues, such as the climate crisis, police brutality, institutional racism, and gender inequality. What are the mainstream voices in our societies? What voices are kept or lost in history? How have the voices of marginalised groups been treated? How do artworks record, reproduce and represent these voices, letting them be heard? How does voice function as a critical or narrative tool in literature, culture, and the arts?

Postgraduate researchers based in the arts and humanities are invited to submit proposals considering the production, transmission, reception, and representation of voice in the context of literature, culture, and the arts through multifaceted perspectives. We welcome submissions based, but not limited to, any of the below prompts or their elaborations:

  • Voice/sound as it emerges from the fields of gender, postcolonialism, mental health, linguistics, translation, history, religion, literature, media, etc.
  • Marginalised, repressed or underrepresented voices
  • Politics and voice, including state control, ownership of discourse, emancipation and protest
  • The work of sound, and the listening-hearing cycle
  • Technological interaction with and/or disruption to voice
  • Digital communication, lockdown, and social distancing
  • Propaganda, censorship and/or Press
  • Voice and artistic performance
  • Voices lost to history
  • Non-human voices
  • Presence/absence and voice
  • Academic voice and social engagement
  • Voice and nature/environment
  • Soundscape and art

Submission Guidelines

Researchers can participate in this conference in four different ways:

  1. 15-minute papers
  2. 5-minute papers, for which the organising committee particularly welcomes contributions from new researchers or works-in-progress
  3. Poster presentations
  4. Practice research (with a limit of 15 minutes)

1. Proposals for 15-minute papers: These submissions will be sorted into thematic panels.

2. Proposals for 5-minute papers: The organising committee particularly welcomes contributions from new researchers (early PhD and Masters).  For this purpose we are offering a special panel allocated to 5-minute papers, which researchers can use to give insight into works-in-progress or a specific issue relating to the theme of voice. Early PhD and Masters researchers are not restricted to 5-minute papers and are welcome to submit proposals for 15-minute papers or posters.

3. Proposals for posters: Proposals are also welcome for academic posters that can give an overview of your research.  Posters are widely used within the academic community and the organising committee hopes that this can be an opportunity for researchers to gain experience in presenting their research in a visual format.  Posters will be displayed on an online gallery throughout the duration of the conference.

4. Practice research: We welcome proposals from practice researchers, both for conference papers, and for work that relates to the theme of the conference and does not adhere to traditional formats. Please note that there is a time limit of 15 minutes and that due to the COVID-19 pandemic the conference may take place online. If your practice requires specific audio-visual or other equipment, please mention this in your proposal.

Please email with: 

  1. A short biography written in the 3rd person, including your research, institutional affiliation, and pronouns (no more than 150 words).
  2. Your proposal/abstract as a Word document (no more than 300 words).
  3. Title your email with the type of submission you are making:

    15-minute: Voice 2022
    5-minute: Voice 2022
    Poster: Voice 2022
    Practice Research: Voice 2022