College of Arts Postgraduate Conference 2023: Encounters: memory, community, futurity

Deadline for abstracts: *Deadline has been extended to 1 May 2023 BST*

Conference dates: 12-13 June 2023

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Call for Proposals

'An encounter is perhaps the same thing as a becoming [...] You encounter people [...] movements, ideas, events. entities [...] It designates an effect, a zigzag, something which passes or happens between two as though under a potential difference [...] a single becoming which is not common to the two [...] but which is between the two, which has its own direction, a bloc of becoming, an a-parallel evolution.'
Gilles Deleuze and Claire Parnet, Dialogues II: 6

An encounter can be an action of embracing, where borders are dispelled and diversity emerges, and where the lines between disciplines blur. By bringing together difference, the encounter becomes a potential space for dialogue, exchange, interaction, and conflict. Encounters are an everyday occurrence: in our experience of the past and in our imagined futures, in our understanding of ourselves and towards others. As a concept, the encounter raises many questions: What happens when different identities and ideologies encounter? What would an ethical relation between self and other look like? How can the encounter form an opening, rather than a capturing or a fixing of otherness? What are the traces left behind in opposiional encounters?

We warmly welcome proposals from postgraduate scholars across all disciplines on the theme of 'encounters' for our hybrid 2023 conference. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Communities and their futures, commemoration and memory
  • Ways of knowing and meaning, embracing change and transition
  • Clash of identities, cultures, and genders
  • Posthuman and future humanities, virtuality and reality
  • Borders, abolition and utopias

Types of work accepted:

  • 15-minute presentations (creative formats encouraged)
  • 5-minute presentations (designed to explore a particular concept and/or for first-year PGs)
  • Poster presentations
  • Pre-arranged panels


  • For individual papers, please send a proposed title with a 200-word abstract and 100-word personal bio;
  • For pre-arranged panels, please send a proposed title and a 600-word proposal (each panel should have between 3-4 papers ready).

Please send your submissions to by Monday, 1 May 2023 BST.

Twitter: UofGArtsPGConf