STRATEGY 2023-2028

Our long-standing history as one of the world’s foremost centres for scholarship in the Arts & Humanities provides a secure foundation on which we continue to build. The College strategy enables us to make the most of this legacy and to orientate ourselves to maximise future opportunities.

By working with common purpose and strategic focus we will ensure the College of Arts & Humanities at Glasgow continues to thrive, to extend its reach, and to offer social, economic and cultural benefit. 

Vision and values

Our success to date has benefited over generations from our inventiveness, our agility, our connectivity and our ethos of care. These important values are at the heart of our vision for the future and will enable us to:

  • Build on our distinctiveness for world-class excellence across a broad suite of areas and to strengthen our reputation for inventiveness, connectivity, and social and cultural partnership;
  • Create the conditions for ongoing success and sustainable growth – refreshing our focus, supporting innovation and collaboration and building capacity;
  • Nurture an enabling, caring and inclusive culture in which colleagues and students can reach their full potential;
  • Secure Glasgow's position as one of the top 50 places in the world for research and scholarship in the Arts & Humanities.

Strategy overview and themes

Our strategy sets out our key aims, actions and anticipated benefits in relation to a set of interconnecting themes and common values. We have designed it both to bring focus to specific areas and to enable cross-fertilisation.

In addition to the five named themes – and in recognition of the inventiveness and agility that comprise some of our areas of distinctive strength – our strategy retains a space for 'blue skies' thinking. In this way, we will continue to create and seize future opportunities and to evolve, excite and excel.