Scotland’s defence and security future discussed at major conference

Published: 7 November 2013

World-renowned speakers at the will discuss pressing issues that have emerged through the independence debate and how they may shape Scotland’s future

World-renowned speakers at the ‘Global Security and the Future of Scotland International Conference’ will discuss the most pressing issues that have emerged through the independence debate so far and how they may shape Scotland’s future in the event of a 'yes' vote in next year’s referendum.

The Glasgow Global Security Network has organised the conference which brings together important practitioners and academics to discuss the Scottish independence referendum.  

The programme includes two major keynote addresses; one from Lt General Sir Alistair Irwin (retd) the former Adjutant General of the British Army, and the other from Sir David Omand, Security and Intelligence coordinator for the UK Cabinet.

The conference includes speakers from Scotland, the UK and around the world including Sir Hew Strachan, Malcolm Chalmers, Michael Keating, Sandie Hardie, Colin Fleming, John MacDonald, Daniel Kenealy, Juliet Karbo, Ryan Beasley, Jarsolav Tir, Steven Saideman, Peter Jackson and Phillips OBrien. They are looking at the most pressing security issues that have emerged so far including those involving the EU, NATO, Nuclear Weapons and the RUK. They will also discuss how an independent Scotland could establish its own Defence forces and Intelligence agency

The conference is the culmination of the major ESRC-funded ‘Security and an independent Scotland’ lecture series that has been running at the University of Glasgow over the past year. The series was established to address defence, security, economic and environmental implications of Scottish independence, paying special attention to Scotland’s role within various international organisations and has involved academics and commentators from around the world.

Dr Phillips O’Brien, Reader of History at the University of Glasgow and conference Director, said: “The Referendum on Scottish Independence is a once in many generations decision. It has the potential to lead to dramatic change not only in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, but throughout major international bodies such as the UN, EU and NATO.

“The Glasgow Global Security Network are bringing together an outstanding group of academics and practitioners from the UK and around the world to examine these profound security questions. We have asked our speakers to be creative and forward-thinking and to address major issues.”

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First published: 7 November 2013

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