1978 Notre Dame Reunion

Published: 23 June 2023

The Notre Dame Class of 1978 celebrated their 45th anniversary.

On Saturday 27th May 2023, the Notre Dame Class of 1978 met to celebrate their 45th anniversary of graduation.

The class celebrated their reunion at Turnbull Hall with Mass, led by Fr Ross, and also used the occasion to mark the 99th birthday of their chaplain Father Desmond Broderick.  The group enjoyed a fantastic lunch, followed by music, singing and dancing as well as online conversations with alumni who were unable to be there in person - some based as far away as Austalia. 

The group enjoyed a day of celebration and reminiscing, and look forward to the 50th reunion which they have begun planning.  If anyone in the class is interested in the 50th reunion, please contact Francis Farrell directly at Francis.Farrell@glasgow.ac.uk

First published: 23 June 2023