Glasgow University Women's Club (London)

The Glasgow University Women's Club (GUWC) aims to provide a varied social programme of interest to female graduates and alumnae of the University of Glasgow, resident in London and the South East. The Club spans a wide age range with many professions represented and meets six times a year. 


If you would like to register your interest for GUWC events please contact 


Informal Catch ups

We hope that the various locations, days of the week and timing of the events will enable members to meet up without having to travel too far. If you would like to attend any of the meet-ups, please contact the host or coordinator in advance to book and obtain details of the venue. 

If you would like to set up and coordinate a new group, please contact Marjorie Bremner (


Informal social events in January 2024

Six informal social events, including the informal dinner at the Clermont Hotel, Charing Cross have now been arranged in January. This is the largest number of events GUWC has arranged for one month.


Blackheath informal meet-up

When: 13 January at 11am

Where: Age Exchange, 11 Blackheath Village, SE3 9LA

Coordinators/hosts: Averil Leimon and Sarah Lawson



West Kensington informal meet-up

When: 14 January at 11am 

Where: Details of venue from Eileen

Coordinator/host: Eileen de Sousa



Tooting Bec – informal meet-up

When: 17 January at 10am 

Where: Details of venue from Lilias

Coordinator/host: Lilias Gillies



North London - informal meet-up

When: 17 January at 10am 

Where: Details of venue from Marjorie

Coordinator: Marjorie Bremner



Regents Park - informal meet-up

When: 28 January at 11am

Where: Details of venue from Trish

Coordinator/host: Trish Thomson



Informal dinner in the Clermont Hotel, Charing Cross

When: 22 January 2024 at 6pm/6:30pm.

Where: The Clermont Hotel, Charing Cross WC2N 5HX

Coordinator/Host: Marjorie Bremner


Our last informal dinner was very enjoyable. Nineteen ladies attended including several new members and prospective members. As usual we will order our menu choices in advance and the restaurant will prepare individual bills which is great! If you wish to attend, please contact Marjorie by email and she will send you the menu when it becomes available.

Menu choices must be submitted to the Clermont by Marjorie by 12 January 2024.


We also hold informal early evening meetings in the Clermont Hotel, Strand, Charing Cross WC2N 5HX. If you would like to register your interest in these please contact Marjorie Bremner via


President Marlene Terry  
Past President Tina Tamman  
Treasurer and Database Administrator Margaret Henderson  
Membership Secretary Marjorie Bremner  
Events Secretary Cathy Black  
Catering Marjory Montgomerie  
General Committee member Sarah Lawson   

To contact the committee please email 

Support for the University

We all thoroughly enjoy the excellent programme of events each year, and profit from the friendships/networking generated through our meetings. Because this is our main aim, we set our subscription and event costs to ensure we at least cover our outgoings, though this can generate a small profit from time to time.

When this profit accumulates to a reasonable amount, we feel we can afford to make a donation to the University, as a small return for all we have gained due to our time there. Previous donations have included a donation of £2,000 in 2017, to the University of Glasgow in support of the James McCune Smith Learning Hub, as part of the Gilmorehill Campus redevelopment. In November 2013 we also presented a cheque for £2000 to the University, to fund a scholarship for a talented student who might not otherwise be able to study at university, at an alumni function in Dulwich Picture Gallery.

In 2020 we made a gift of £200 to the University of Glasgow Covid Response Fund, which helps students especially those with no family support, those with caring responsibilities or with no way of returning home during the pandemic. The fund also helps to speed up front line research, helping to understand the virus and how it spreads.