The University held the first event in the region for alumni in Gaborone in March 2013. If you are based in Botswana and are interested in connecting with fellow alumni please get in touch via


The University's International Story highlights a number of links between Glasgow and Ghana. For example alumnus and internationally acclaimed novelist and screenwriter William Boyd was born Accra, Ghana, in 1952.

Alumni Contact

Francis Gbormittah


Did you know Glasgow graduate Ada Priscilla Nzimiro (1923-1951) was the first woman doctor to work in the Igbo region of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Alumni Association was established at the start of 2020 and hopes you will join in to help them achieve their objectives. If you are interested in being involved, please get in touch via

South Africa

One of our alumni, Nuno, is currently working to establish a new Alumni Association in South Africa. If you would like to be involved we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with us, via, and we will connect you with Nuno.