5.8 Melvin Breton on his global career with UNICEF and harnessing the power of tech

UofG Degree: MSc Economic Development 2007 

Job title: Policy Specialist, UNICEF 

Melvin’s career in social and economic policy has taken him from the Dominican Republic to East Timor, China and now New York City where he is a Policy Specialist at UNICEF.  

Melvin is a self-described ‘technology enthusiast’ and tech is a theme we return to throughout this episode. Melvin discusses the implications of new technology for policy work and how students and graduates can harness tech to prepare themselves for a rapidly changing workplace. He has some great advice on how to make the most of new tools and apps and how AI can function as a thinking partner, freeing up your time for generating new ideas.  

Melvin has some top tips on how to prepare yourself for landing that international role you had always dreamed of. He shares his experience of arriving in China, with no Mandarin, and turning to technology to survive – learning very quickly how to order food on delivery apps.  

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