Update May 2021: Communication for rejected LLB Law 2021 applicants


I am writing with regard to your recent email expressing your disappointment with your unsuccessful application to the LLB Law Undergraduate Programme at the University of Glasgow. 

It is not the intention of the University of Glasgow to disappoint motivated and engaged individuals and we are sorry that we have been unable to progress your application to offer this cycle.  We operate fair, consistent and transparent Admissions processes with the aim of recruiting students most suited to the content and teaching modes distinct to Glasgow.  We have received an unprecedented volume of applications to our LLB programmes this year from a pool of extremely well qualified and highly talented applicants.  Within our non-widening access Scots population alone we received a 45% increase in applications.  As such, and even in the context of adding additional capacity to our LLB programmes for 2021, pressure for places has become extremely constricted. As such have been able to offer places to only 23% of our non-widening access Home applicants.  We have outlined the stages of our assessment below. 

Following the second national lockdown in late December, Glasgow moved quickly to reassure applicants that the LNAT aptitude test would not be considered a requirement for selection for a place in September 2021.  Our selection processes instead focused solely on the information supplied in the UCAS application. 

2021 Application selection processes were managed in 2 stages, each involving thorough and meticulous assessment with second signatory reviews to ensure consistency and accuracy.  Stage 1 was managed by Central Admissions and involved scoring of the applicant’s academic profile, with a weighting on certified study (Higher, National 5, GCSE etc) and additional review on pending study to be completed in the current Academic Year (Advanced Highers, A Levels etc).  Stage 2 was directed by Academic Admissions Tutors from the School of Law and focussed on evidence within the Personal Statement that demonstrated an outstanding understanding of and commitment to the study of Law.   

Both Stages of our selection process were second signed and as such we have confidence that both our academic decisions and our business processes have been actioned correctly and consistently. 

We recognise that this overview will provide little comfort to you at present, following an extremely lengthy and anxiety-laden application process, on top of what I’m sure has been the most challenging period of your education to date.  We are genuinely sorry that we were unable to offer you a place on this occasion, and wish you all the very best in your future academic endeavours. 

Kind Regards 

Kirsten Swankie 

Head of Admissions 

University of Glasgow