Update March 2021 BDS Dentistry

Dear <First name>

Further information on Covid-19 impact on current applicants for BDS Dentistry in 2021

I am writing to provide further information following my previous communication of 18 February, confirming the unfortunate necessity to defer entry of those selected to join BDS in September 2021 until September 2022.

As you now know, there will no longer be a Dental School BDS intake in September 2021.

You may not be aware that the Scottish Funding Council sets the number of places for all controlled entry subjects, like Dentistry, at all Scottish Dental Schools. We are still awaiting confirmation from the Scottish Funding Council of the number of places available for 2022. This information will directly affect the number of offers we are able to make to this year’s applicants.

However, and regardless of the final number, in order to give all those who applied this admissions cycle, plus those who will apply in the next admissions cycle, an equal chance of entering dentistry, we will split the number of offers for September 2022 between the two application years. Unfortunately, this means there will be fewer places available than would normally be the case for those applying in either year. It is important to note that being unsuccessful in securing a place will not preclude you from applying again.

We do understand how disappointing this is for you, however, we are committed to providing high quality education and as a professionally regulated programme, we must ensure our dental students have reached the General Dental Council’s standard of clinical competence and can confidently enter the workforce.

Please be assured that all applicants who interviewed with us for September 2021 entry will still receive a final decision on their interview by 20th May 2021. We will also include further details and alternative options with all decision communications so that we can support you during this time.

We will keep you informed and in the meantime, any queries should be directed to med-sch-dental-ug@glasgow.ac.uk in the first instance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Yours faithfully