Trinity College

The involvement of the Church of Scotland in TRS is represented by Trinity College which caters for the interests of Church candidates for Ministry within TRS. As a result of this connection, certain resources and facilities are made available to TRS for the benefit of all its members.  There is also a Candidates Association for ministry students.  The Clerk of Trinity College is Rev Dr Doug Gay.


The Candidate's Association is for those who are Candidates for Ministry in the Church of Scotland.  We meet weekly, usually at lunchtime, for about 40 minutes, and have speakers who come from 'real life' situations in the Church of Scotland to talk about their work.  In the last academic year we covered, amongst other topics, healing, homelessness, mission and prison chaplaincy.  We have organised practical activities such as a visit to a crematorium and a retreat.  We enjoy meeting together and learning from each other's experiences.
If you are a Candidate and would like more information please contact Jonathan Fleming,