Theology & Religious Studies

Why this degree?

We extend a warm welcome to all prospective and current undergraduate students.  We aim to provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment for our undergraduate students from the broad introductory modules in Level 1 via the more advanced modules in Level 2 to the specialised Honours modules.

Theology and Religious Studies will be of interest to students from all manner of standpoints and life experiences, and is open to anyone regardless of their religious or non-religious orientation, whether a committed member of a religious tradition, a spiritual seeker, an atheist or an agnostic.
The subject-area is made up of international staff with reputations as excellent teachers and researchers in the field of Theology and Religious Studies.  Particular strengths include critical theories of religion, Islam, Biblical Studies, Christian theology and Asian religions. Across much of our curriculum there are strong literary and artistic connections with other subject areas within the College of Arts and the Centre for Literature, Theology and the Arts is based in the subject area.

We welcome those seeking to study theology or religious studies as a critically rigorous academic discipline as well as those who are motivated to study in order to prepare for a pastoral vocation.  The variety of courses on offer means that you can tailor what you study to pursue your own interests. Undergraduates choose either an MA in Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) or a Bachelor of Divinity (BD). The MA offers flexibility and the opportunity to study other disciplines alongside TRS. The BD is specifically designed for those who will work in congregations or faith based organizations. It is particularly suited to those who are seeking part time and flexible study options. Trinity College, a Church of Scotland foundation with integral links to the subject area, offers particular support to students who are following vocational pathways through their study at Glasgow.