English Language & Linguistics

Career destinations

English Language graduates go on to pursue a wide range of careers, including publishing (including commercial and academic lexicography), journalism, advertising and marketing, speech and language therapy (in all of which a degree in English Language is an advantage) and, more generally, in business and public service.  Employers know that Glasgow’s English Language graduates have had a rigorous academic training in a top-rated programme at a leading university, and that they have acquired valuable research skills.

English Language is an excellent course to do if you want to pursue a career in teaching.  Many of our graduates have gone on to teach English as a foreign language abroad.  Others have taught English Language in UK schools, either for the English Language A-level or for the English Language element in the Scottish Higher/Advanced Higher courses.

Many of our graduates go on to postgraduate study, both at Glasgow and elsewhere.  For information about our postgraduate programmes, click here.

We offer considerable support to students in reference-writing and informal support, and careers advice is embedded in our special academic support course offered to all Honours and postgraduate students, Enhancing Advanced Skills in English Language (= EASEL).

Click here to see the most up-to-date statistics available for where our graduates have gone.

Many of our students participate in internships with local firms (sometimes leading to job-offers), and we run an in-house careers-oriented programme, ‘Aiming University Learning @ Work’ (AUL@W).  For more information, see our Employability Page.