Studying for a degree in Life Sciences

An Honours degree at Glasgow offers you the flexibility to study a range of subjects in your first two years, giving you a breadth of experience before deciding what subjects you would like to specialise in for your final degree. If you choose to specialise in one subject you’ll take a Single Honours degree and if you choose to specialise in two subjects you’ll take a Joint Honours degree.

In first year you normally choose courses in three subjects at Level-1, according to your interests and any long-term plans. This will include Biology and a Chemistry-based course.

Although your interest is likely to be in science subjects, you may be able to choose an arts or social sciences subject for your third course, subject to availability.

In second year you may choose all your courses from Life Sciences or combine them with other Level-1 or Level-2 courses.

At the end of the second year you’ll normally progress to

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours, which is a four-year degree, or
  • Bachelor of Science designated degree, which is a three-year degree, or
  • Master in Science, which is a five-year, Advanced Honours degree.

Example of a BSc Single Honours degree path

Year 1
Choose three different subjects according to your interests.
Chemistry or Science Fundamental
Chosen third subject
Year 2
Continue with two of your first-year subjects

Chosen second subject
Choose all your courses from within Life Sciences
Year 3
You'll study your degree subject exclusively from third year onwards(eg Zoology)
Year 4 Zoology
Honours degree destination =
BSc with Honours in Zoology