Translation Studies is an academic discipline that explores the practice, process and product of translation from both linguistic and cultural viewpoints.

At the University of Glasgow, students carry out hands-on translation work as well as exploring the discipline from a theoretical perspective. 

Translation practice allows students to explore the features of different genres of text that generally fall into the following categories:

  • Literary translation comprising poetry, prose and theatre
  • Audiovisual translation such as subtitling and dubbing
  • Technical translation focusing on manuals, legal and medical texts
  • Journalistic, marketing and PR texts, including advertising, press releases and news articles

Our students go on to gain jobs in translation agencies, as freelance translators, teachers or in publishing, for example, and some continue in academia by working for a PhD in Translation Studies.

Undergraduate Course

We currently offer an honours option entitled An Introduction to Translation Studies with French as part of the undergraduate French programme. The Spanish and Italian programmes also run honours options on Translation Methodologies (subject to yearly approval).