D&I Targets Book Club

Join us for interactive online conversations on good practice and new evidence

We have become used to the idea that to get funding or to get commissioned, a project needs to have X% of disabled crew, Y% of leads from Black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds or Z% women in key creative positions, and we regularly work with regional targets, pay gap data and workforce statistics.

Behind these headlines, important questions remain: why are targets set for some characteristics and not others? What does 'under-represented' mean? What types of targets exist? What principles of good target setting should be applied? How can we go beyond diversity targets and use inclusion targets effectively?

In six online, book club-style sessions, we will hear from industry experts and learn about the latest research from Prof Eikhof’s new book.

Read the book in your own time and join your peers in informal lunchtime conversations over Zoom. Digital copies of the book are provided free.

Drawing on new, in-depth industry research and progressive theoretical voices, the book: helps readers understand what D&I targets are, and what they could be in the future; what the different types of D&I targets are; how they are currently used, and how they might be developed to strategically drive inclusion. The book offers, for the first time, a unifying terminology for D&I target-setting in the UK screen industries, including for transorganisational D&I targets (targets set by one organisation for another).

Participation in the Book Club is free thanks to support from the University of Glasgow and the Arts and Humanities Council Impact Generation Fund.   

For further information please contact Helen Shreeve

Book Club dates

The Book Club runs over six 45-minute lunchtime sessions. Every session stands alone so come to those you can. Catch up materials will be circulated if you miss a session.

  1. Weds 25 October 2023 (13.00-13.45): Introduction to the Book Club hosted by Prof Doris Eikhof.
  2. Weds 15 November (13.00-13.45): Definitions and rationales, hosted by Prof. Doris Eikhof
  3. Weds 6 December 2023 (13.00-13.45): How to set targets
  4. Weds 17 January 2024 (13.00-13.45): D&I in the screen industries 
  5. Weds 7 February 2024 (13.00-13.45): Future developments
  6. Weds 28 February 2024 (13.00-13.45): Conclusion   

Who's it for?

The Book Club is for industry experts, practitioners, policy makers, campaigners, researchers and anyone who needs to understand D&I targets.

Priority will be given to people who work with D&I targets to advise on them, to set and achieve them, and to advocate for their effective, inclusive use.

Support Materials

Book Chapter to be discussed circulated prior to meeting.