Everyday Diversity in the UK Screen Industries

**Information for Everyday Diversity app content creators**

The UK screen sector is looking to strengthen and diversify its pool of creative talent and skills. Working with the British Film Institute and Creative Diversity Network, this AHRC Leadership Fellow project is helping the screen sector achieve its ambitions for greater workforce diversity.

The project has:

  • identified the most important situations in which employment and career opportunities are being granted or withheld: through recruitment, casting and crewing, but also through financing, commissioning or project management;
  • explored how these situations could be changed to have better outcomes for workforce diversity; and
  • built the Everyday Diversity app, an innovative tool to help screen sector practitioners work towards diversity in their everyday business

We are now working with our digital agency, Surface Impression, to further refine the Everyday Diversity app and planning our app launch events for Summer 2022.

Everyday Diversity is driven by the recognition that opportunity and inclusion in the UK’s screen industries are currently inequitably distributed; that opportunity and inclusion are influenced by individuals’ age, caring responsibilities, class, disability, gender, geographical location, pregnancy, race, religion or sexual orientation; that inequitable access to opportunity and inclusion is socially, culturally and economically undesirable as well as morally unjust; and that new insights and practices are needed to improve access to opportunity and inclusion.



Image below by Johannes Ortner, used under Creative Commons license