The Adam Smith Prize

‌The Adam Smith class prize is awarded each semester to the best Principia Consortium student in the Scottish Enlightenment class. The best overall performance is determined by the final marks awarded to Principia students in each run of the class.

The prize is named after the leading Scottish Enlightenment philosopher and political economist, who was educated at Glasgow University and returned as professor to teach between 1751 and 1764 then served as rector 1787-89. Find out more about Adam Smith's career at Glasgow here.

Past Recipients

SessionNamePrincipia Partner
2013-14 Lindsay Weiss Albion College
2014-15 (Semester 1) Emma Stapley Albion College
2014-15 (Semester 2) Burke Stanton DePauw University
2015-16 (Semester 1) Anna Gregory Centre College
2015-16 (Semester 2) Thomas Radder Canisius College
2016-17 (Semester 1) Trong Hieu Phung Centre College
2016-17 (Semester 2) Theresa Astmann University of Vermont
2017-18 (Semester 1) Breanna Olsen Centre College
2017-18 (Semester 2) Calen Smith Westminster College
2018-19 (Semester 1)   Centre College
2019-20 (Semester 2) Rebecca Grant University of Vermont