Erasmus+ study

The Erasmus+ student mobility programme is available to students currently at one of our exchange partner universities in Europe who would like to study at the University of Glasgow.

Erasmus+ is approved and recognised as part of your studies for a semester or full academic year. Some degrees will also support shorter durations. 

EU referendum information for Erasmus+ students

Students from Erasmus partner institutions planning to study in Glasgow in 2020

The University of Glasgow will fully participate in the Erasmus Scheme in 2020 and until further notice.

If you are participating in, or about to participate in, the European Union’s Erasmus scheme, you will continue to be eligible for Erasmus grants. This will continue as normal until further notice.

If you are a national of an EU or EEA country, or Switzerland, you do not require a visa to study in the UK. You should travel to the UK using your EU/EEA/Swiss passport or national ID card and there will be no restriction on studying. Your immigration status as an EU national has not changed and will continue to apply as normal. This will remain the case until further notice.