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8 Nov '12

Industry visit to Continental Automotive

Continental Automotive
15 Oct '12

Prof Miles Padgett - Does God Play Dice with Angles?

Singapore Science Centre
 13 Jun '12

 Mr Ng Beng Kiat: The NP Micromouse that Created a New World Record at the 32nd All Japan

University of Glasgow Singapore
 30 May '12

 Dr S. Srigrarom: Comparison of Spanwise & Chordwise Flapping Motions of Micro Air Vehicles

University of Glasgow Singapore
16 May '12

Mr Johnny Chee: Bioinstrumentation for Physiological Monitoring in Biomedical Engineering Centre at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

University of Glasgow Singapore
02 May '12 Dr Tan LW - "Design and Development in Mechanics for Biomedical Applications" University of Glasgow Singapore
18 Apr '12 Prof Yun Li - "Computer-Automated Design and the Potential Invention of a Revolutionary Engine" University Glasgow Singapore
27 Mar '12 Launch of Aeronautical Engineering Engineering and Aerospace
Systems degree programmes in Singapore
Raffles Hotel
26 Mar '12 The Principal and The Alumni - Celebrating Glasgow’s links
with Singapore
Raffles Hotel
26 Mar '12 UOG Special Student Event Ngee Ann Polytechnic
05 Mar '12 Prof Jon Cooper - Developing Diagnostics for the Developing World Biopolis
19 Jan '12 Industry visit to A*STAR - SIMTech Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology