Studies in ancient Egyptian literature in translation: life in letters

Key facts

  • Cost: £95
  • Credits: 0


This dynamic and varied course allows students to explore ancient Egyptian culture as revealed through letters that its people wrote to one another. Through these intimate documents, you will see passion, deep-rooted anxieties and even superstition not usually expressed in formal literature.  

Who is this course for?

Anyone with an interest in ancient cultures and literature – also those who are interested in how primary written sources can be used to shed light on ancient cultures.  


This is a non-credit class, so would not contribute to any qualifications. 

Mode of study

This course is taught in live sessions online on zoom. Class materials are posted on our course website, Moodle.  


This course can develop students’ skills in reading and interpreting primary sources, developing critical analysis skills. It also provides a lovely introduction to ancient Egyptian culture… with its guard down! 

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