Intermediate novel writing: getting to the end

Key facts

  • Cost: £160
  • Credits: 10


“The hard part about writing a novel is finishing it,” famously quipped Ernest Hemmingway.  

Many are started, some make it halfway, less get to a full draft and even fewer novels get the edits and rewrites they need to be completed. Why? Is it just that writing is hard? Or, does writing a novel mean forging new skills, behaviours and feedback to make it possible? What kind of lessons can be learnt from the writers who have got to the finish-line ahead of you? How do you know when it is done and it is time to step away? 

Join this intermediate practice-based course to build on your previous writing experience with a like-minded community of budding novelists keen to develop their draft to the finish line. Focussing on the planning and drafting skills required for these final stages, this course offers the feedback, encouragement and expertise needed to feed your writing practise, learn more and finally finish your manuscript. 

Over a series of talks, close-readings, workshops and challenging writing exercises, our expert tutor will explain: 

  • More in-depth techniques, structures and features of the novel form, such as plot, characterisation and narrative perspective, that you can learn from and apply to your own writing 
  • Further practical skills such as the process of planning, drafting and editing of an in-development novel  
  • how to more confidently share what you’ve written and improve with more detailed mutual feedback 
  • how to reflect on your own creative decision making and style 

You will also have the chance to discuss and reflect on what you learn with other students and the tutor in seminars. 

Choose this course if you want to learn: 

  • more about what makes novels work 
  • more intermediate techniques, skills and behaviours to rejuvenate your practise, create new work and refresh your commitment to writing 
  • how to more confidently share your work and improve with mutual feedback 
  • (for those who submit for assessment) how to improve with written feedback, how to reflect on your writing process and how to build your own editorial skillset


Who is this course for?

Anyone already developing as a writer and interested in: 

  • writing imaginatively and improving their novel, particularly those keen to complete drafts and/or edit. 
  • Developing further creative writing skills and refreshing their practise 
  • finding a supportive writing community to share work and gain feedback  
  • the novel as a literary form 


(optional) 10 credits at SCQF 8 / Level 2

Can contribute towards the attainment of Certificate or Diploma in Higher Education (Creative Writing)


If you opt to take the course for credit the assessments are: 

  • One creative portfolio of novel writing of 3,000-words (75% of final grade) 
  • One sample of feedback on a fellow student’s work (10% of final grade) 
  • One 1,000 word self-reflective essay (15% of final grade) 

Mode of study

This 10-week course will be delivered online via 2-hour seminars led by a tutor over Zoom.

Course materials will be provided via our online learning platform Moodle


  • take you further on your development journey as a writer and help you find a supportive community
  • can reenergise and refresh your existing writing practice
  • can begin your study of creative writing at university level
  • contribute towards a Certificate or Diploma in Higher Education
  • can inform your personal reading list and introduce you to some inspiring writing


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