Dr Sophia Dingli joins the School of Social and Political Science in September 2016 as Lecturer in International Relations. Sophia received her PhD in Politics from the University of Hull in 2013. Prior to coming to Glasgow, Sophia worked as a Research and Teaching Fellow at the University of Hull, teaching across the programmes in Politics and International Relations. She has also worked as a Teaching Associate at the University of Nottingham and as a Project Manager at the University of Hull.

Sophia’s research interests lie in the intersection of Political Theory and International Relations. The main bulk of her research draws on post-colonial, feminist, post-modern, neo-kantian and realist international and political theory to explore and give precision the concept of silence, which is often used in International Relations but remains ill-defined and under-theorised. In her work she gives the concept definition and explores the place of silence in the domestic and international order. Related to this, she also explores new ways in which International Relations theory can engage with the phenomenon of silence through cross-disciplinary dialogue.

She has conducted extensive archival research on British colonial history in Yemen. She has also conducted research in Yemeni political history since the end of colonialism and writes on topics related to current events in Yemen, including the current war and peace process and US foreign policy in the country.

Sophia has also published work on Gender and Security and continues to engage with this topic. Finally, she is currently conducting research on peace theory, suggesting a realist intervention into the debates on the liberal peace and drawing upon the recent experience of Yemen to illustrate her arguments. 

Research Interests

  • Silence, order and peace in International Political Theory and Practice
  • Gender and Security
  • Cypriot and Yemeni politics