Dr Allan Gillies

  • Research Fellow (Politics)

telephone: 0141 330 3990
email: Allan.Gillies@glasgow.ac.uk


Dr Allan Gillies is research fellow on the ESRC and Newton-Caldas funded project Colombia River Stories.  This multi-disciplinary and cross-Atlantic project examines the socio-enviormental impacts of illegal gold-mining in Chocó, Colombia, against the background of ongoing peacebuilding efforts.

Allan joined the School of Social and Political Sciences in January 2017, taking-up the post of ESRC Global Challenges Research Fund Postdoctoral Fellow.  His project - ‘Illicit Drug Economies, Governance and the Security-Development Nexus in the Global South: a Case Study of State-Narco Networks in Post-Transition Bolivia’ - engaged with debates around the relationship between illicit drug economies and sustainable development, and the future of international counterdrug policy.  The project built upon Allan’s PhD research, examining interactions between the Bolivian state and the drug trade in the context of an escalating US ‘war on drugs’ in the Andes (1982-1993).  Moving beyond the conventional assumptions of ‘drugs, violence and instability’, the thesis reveals how the drug trade became interwoven with informal forms of governance, political order and processes of transition.

Allan was awarded his PhD in History here at the University of Glasgow in 2016, where he held a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Scholarship.  Prior to this, he completed an MPhil in Comparative Government at the University of Oxford, and an MA in Politics (Hons), also here at Glasgow.

Research interests

  • The political economy of illicit commodities
  • Bolivian, Colombian and Latin American politics
  • Securitisation and development in the Global South
  • Democratic transitions
  • Oral history methodology
  • The history of the US ‘war on drugs’


January 2017 - ESRC Global Challenges Research Fund Fellowship 

December 2017 - GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) grant agreement (€60,000)


Latin American Politics (Honours)

Additional information

Allan is a research associate at the Global Drug Policy Observatory, the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research and the Andean Information Network.


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