Gambling Research Group

The Gambling Research Group is an international network of academics, organisations, policy-makers and service providers who share a common interest in the social impacts of gambling, particularly its effects on vulnerable groups, and on the cultural and political context of the expansion of commercial gaming.

Our members are engaged in a range of interdisciplinary, policy-relevant and theoretically informed projects funded by range of organisations including the Economic and Social Research Council, the Scottish Executive, and the Responsibility in Gambling Trust.


  • 'Situating Problem Gambling: The Social Context of Gambling "Careers"'. A three year qualitative, longitudinal study into the sociological determinants of gambling behaviour for the Economic and Social Research Council and the Responsibility in Gambling Trust. Download ESRC Study (Word doc 640KB).
  • An assessment of the social impacts of gambling, and particularly casino gambling, in the context of the new legislation for the Scottish Executive. Download final Scottish Executive Report (PDF 756KB).
  • An analysis of the international risk factors and epidemiology of problem gambling for the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, carried out with the Gambling Research Unit at Auckland University of Technology. Download Auckland Report (PDF 2.73MB).
  • An investigation of the gambling behaviour of young people (aged 11-16 years) in primary and secondary education in Scotland, and of adolescents and adults in tertiary education, i.e. colleges and universities
  • Theoretical and historical examination of the development of gambling cultures, notions of addiction and responses to risk in modern Western societies.



  • Prof Gerda Reith (Sociology, University of Glasgow)
  • Dr Rachel Volberg (Gemini Research)
  • Dr Crawford Moodie (Glasgow Caledonian University)
  • Dr Martin Doris
  • Dr Sandra Marco Colino


Service Providers

Selected publications

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