Professor Zhu Guanglei

Vice-President, Nankai University


Professor Zhu is one of China's leading scholars of Chinese government. He is Provost at Nankai University as well as a professor in the Zhou Enlai School of Government and Management. He is also a member of the Chinese Communist Party centre's 'Project on Marxist theory research and construction' and Director of the Tianjin Political Science Association. His main areas of research are Chiese government and politics, issues in China's stratification and contemporary political theory and policy.

Major Publications

The Contemporary Chinese Governmental Process (Tianjin People's Press, 2008).
An Analysis of Contemporary Chinese Social Strata (Tianjin People's Press, 1998).
The Study of Politics: An Outline (Tianjin Education Press, 1992).
Using Power to Restrict Power (Sichuan People's Press, 1987).