The 2020 US Election: What Happened?

Published: 7 October 2020

Tuesday 17 November - Professor Angelia Wilson, Professor David Barker, Professor Christopher Carman

Tuesday 17 November, 6pm

Speakers: Professor Angelia Wilson (University of Manchester)
                 Professor David Barker (American University, Washington D.C.)
                 Professor Christopher Carman (University of Glasgow)

The U.S. elections on 3 November marked a relatively rare event – a challenger unseating an incumbent first term United States President running for re-election.  It also reflected unprecedented levels of voting.  Joe Biden’s victory in the election will set the stage for a distinct leftward shift in policy and a return to previously accepted political norms. However, whilst apparently defeated, we shouldn’t expect President Trump to fade into the background. Getting to Inauguration Day on 20 January we might witness the last gasp of Trump era norm-busting politics in the U.S. possibly marked by further destabilising lawsuits and claims of electoral malfeasance.

Join our panel as they discuss the results of the U.S. elections, the political machinations that lead to the result, and the larger implications for governing and policy in the United States.  

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First published: 7 October 2020