The 2020 US Presidential Election: Predicting the Unpredictable

Published: 7 October 2020

Tuesday 27 October - Professor Christopher Carman

Tuesday 27 October, 6pm

Speaker: Professor Christopher Carman, Stevenson Professor of Citizenship, University of Glasgow

The term ‘unprecedented’ has been applied to many aspects of Americans’ personal, social and – especially – political lives in recent years.  The Trump presidency has broken more rules and more norms than most could have imagined.  The 2020 Presidential Election cycle has seen the breaking of even more norms (and, apparently, a few rules). Combined with the coronavirus pandemic and the related pressures on US electoral administration, we are looking at an election that is, at best, difficult to predict.  This lecture will explore the unique 2020 US Presidential Election and try to give some sense of what to expect on 3 November (and the weeks following).  

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First published: 7 October 2020